MetroLink must not be scrapped

by Gazette Reporter

METROLINK must not be scrapped in the face of a post-pandemic recession, TDs in Dublin Fingal have warned.

Cross-party support for the long-awaited project came this week from Labour’s Duncan Smith and Green Party TD Joe O’Brien.

They were responding to reports that the National Bus and Rail Union want Bus Connects and MetroLink shelved for now to free up cash to bolster the sector.

Deputy Smith said: “MetroLink is going to be a game-changer for those who live and work near Dublin Airport and in an around the M1 corridor.

“I understand the concerns of the NBRU in terms of transport companies needing a cash injection now to deal with a fall in passenger numbers… but calling for long-term projects to be axed isn’t the answer here.”

Deputy Joe O’Brien warned: “We need to hold steady on plans for investment in public transport infrastructure. The economy will recover and our transport systems need to be ready for it.”
The NRBU says public transport cannot work with social distancing if it goes back to pre-Covid-19 norms and is calling for the Metro and BusConnects projects to be abandoned.

Swords Cllr James Humphreys said MetroLink was “essential” for Swords as it is “already straining from demands placed on our current infrastructure”.

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