Shock as MetroLink to devour 8 more homes on Townsend Street

by Rachel Darcy

Residents of eight duplexes on Townsend Street are horrified after being hand-delivered letters saying their homes would be demolished for MetroLink.

The council-owned homes (above) will be subject to a compulsory purchase order, despite those living there not being informed of their homes being involved in plans for the new transport system.

The eight homes are located just two minutes’ walk from the College Gate apartments and Markievicz Leisure Centre, which will also be demolished despite intense local opposition, resulting in the loss of 70 homes.

The chief executive of Dublin City Council, Brendan Kenny, said that residents of the homes weren’t told in advance as the plans weren’t certain – despite the council knowing for more than a year that the houses could potentially need to be demolished.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Kenny said: “In March 2018, we were informed of the lines and it went public at the time that College Gate and Markievicz Leisure Centre may need to be demolished, but also the eight houses belonging to Dublin City Council might be impacted.

“We didn’t think it was appropriate for us to go out consulting at that stage.

“We knew there was another consultation [process] and were aware there may be changes.

“It’s only in the last couple of days that clarity has been had, and MetroLink contacted the eight residents [last week].

“There’s no question of eviction in the short-term or anything like that – it could be years yet before the people living in those homes are asked to leave.

“They’ll be looked after by both Dublin City Council and MetroLink when that does happen.

“They’ll be provided with alternative accommodation and we’ll do our best to resolve those issues,” he said.

A spokesperson for the National Transport Authority said: “The tenants in the buildings referred to have all been contacted in writing by Transport Infrastructure Ireland to notify them of the potential impact to their building arising from MetroLink plans published this week.”

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