Masque flask is a handy tool for coronavirus pandemic

by Sylvia Pownall

Three enterprising students from south Dublin have come up with a novel business idea borne out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cillian Kirwan, from Churchtown, and his two college pals Ben Vaughan and Karl Byrne from Rathfarnham, have launched the Masque Flask.

The small business start-up came up with the practical idea of a small, cylindrical flask to carry your mask in which can be attached to a bag or belt like a keyring.

Cillian told Dublin Gazette: “Carrying a mask has become part of our lives these days. A painful yet necessary accessory in everyday life today.

“I found myself constantly forgetting my mask like many others. I would tie a mask to my keys in order to break this frustrating cycle I would find myself repeating.

“I came to a realisation that I could design a very simple yet effective way of never forgetting my mask again.

“I knew this was a common problem as my Instagram feed was filled with memes consisting of a common theme… people forgetting their masks.”

Hence the Masque Flask was born. The small aluminium flask retails at €9.95 and comes in three colours – black, blue and red.

Cillian said: “We would have never expected the level of feedback and support from so many people across Ireland.

“We are growing at a speed we would have never thought possible.”

The company’s website ( has been inundated with orders from across Ireland, and further afield.

Explaining the premise behind the company it states: “After countless trips to the shops, bus stops, supermarkets and barbers only to realise we’ve forgotten our mask, we realised a solution was needed.”

The novel accessory is a great way of keeping your mask clean, and the manufacturers recommend sanitising the high-quality keyring container between uses.

Promoted as a perfect stocking filler for Christmas, the nifty receptacle is winning approval at every turn.

Plus every Masque Flask purchased comes with a reusable cotton mask free of charge.

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