Bawnogue’s marathon man blasts Goverment over homelessness crisis

by Padraig Conlon

A Clondalkin man who ran 10 marathons in 10 days to raise money for Inner City Helping Homeless hopes to get his target over the line.

Mark Conlon, from Bawnogue, completed his epic endeavour in Sallins, Kildare, on Easter Sunday, cheered home by family and friends.

“I put my body through the stress and pain of 262 miles to help save lives because that’s what Inner city Helping Homeless do every night,” Mark told Dublin Gazette.

A former soldier, Mark said he was inspired to raise funds for the charity from observing the challenges faced by people living rough through his job as a security guard on the Luas.

“I’ve seen the suffering out there first-hand, and it’s getting worse,” he said.

“There are more families with young children on the streets, and there’s nowhere for them to go because the hostels are too dangerous.

“They need to move the poor families in one bed room hotels, they need to build more social houses.

“Our government need to act fast, this is an emergency, there are camp sites all over the country, Red Cow Roundabout being one place.

“I saw it overseas in Chad, never thought I’d see it in Ireland in 2019.”

This was Mark’s 215th marathon since running his first in 2008 at the Dublin City Marathon.

Among the many challenges he has done previously were 33 marathons in 33 days and 20 marathons in 20 days while also raising money for the Peter McVerry Trust, Simon Community and Pieta House.

Speaking following his latest challenge, which began on April 12th, Mark said he was feeling well.

“It was tough but the body’s good, legs are a bit sore, my right knee has felt it over the 10 days.

“For my next challenge, which will probably be next year, I want to do something that’s bigger than I’ve ever done before.

“My target for Inner City Helping Homeless is €10,000, I just have a little bit to go yet so if any of your readers would like to donate that’d be greatly appreciated.

“The reason I decided on ICHH was because I have seen the great work Anthony Flynn and the group do.

“Why does it take myself and many others to have to do something extreme to highlight this and raise funds, our government should be sorting the problem right now.

“I would like to thank my sponsors, my employers Transdev who donated very generously, also Asics Kildare, East Village Café, Cue’s Snooker Hall, Clondalkin Credit Union, Craft Butchers, Sam McCauley Chemist Bawnogue and Magic Photo in the Mill.”

If you would like to donate, please check out 10 Marathons in 10 Days for Inner City Helping Homeless on Facebook.

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