Man charged with stealing cars while holding his chihuahua

by Gazette Reporter

A recovering drug addict has described as “completely bizarre and ridiculous” his attempts to steal cars while high on crack and holding his pet chihuahua.

Residents of a housing estate in Lusk described how Thomas Cahill Donohue, 35, threatened them with violence and tried to steal cars while holding onto the dog.

Donohue pleaded guilty to 12 charges including burglary, attempted robbery, criminal damage of a car, unlawful use of a car, threatening to injure a number of people and assaulting a Garda.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that on October 25 last Donohue was out walking the family dog near his then home at Sheepmore Gardens, Blanchardstown when “an acquaintance” asked him to drive a car to Lusk for an NCT.

Donohue clipped a wheel of the car on a roundabout, rupturing the tyre. He managed to pull into the Whitethorn Walk estate where he crashed into two other cars.

Residents told gardai that they were shocked and terrified as Donohue approached them one after another and tried to take their cars from them.

One woman said that Donohue told her “give me your keys or I’ll shoot you”. A neighbour came to her aid and roared at Donohue who turned to him and told him he had AIDS and that he would stab him with a syringe.

The court heard that at all times Donohue had a chihuahua “nestled” in his arms.

Judge Martin Nolan imposed a sentence of three and a half years, backdated to January 1.

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