Male-only health service clinic opens in South Dublin

by Sylvia Pownall

A new men’s health clinic has been launched in Dublin with a mission to tackle the worrying statistic that men consistently die younger than women.

Founder Dr Gavin Keane is encouraging men, especially those over 40, to get regular check-ups to uncover early disease before any long-term damage is done.

In Ireland men die on average more than four years younger than women. Dr Keane is a GP with a keen interest in men’s health and says that this fact has stuck with him since he first became aware of it.

He believes that if men went to their doctor to get checked every year or two, then that statistic would soon change with early detection of cancer and heart disease among others.

Gavin initially set up during the lockdown in 2020 in response to the huge impact that Covid-19 had on GP services.

“There are lots of reasons why men do not attend their GPs, he said. “The biggest obstacle is getting them in the door in the first place. Men don’t go to the doctor, so I wanted to bring the doctor to them.”

Dr Keane’s new men’s health clinic is based in Donnybrook.

He said: “It’s not quite as simple as all this, but I do believe that if guys go to their GP and get into the habit of regular check-ups as they get older, then a lot of illness could be averted, and lives could be saved.”

To contact the clinic for an appointment, visit or call 01 269 3921.

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