The new Lucan Men’s Shed group are appealing for residents’ help in securing a permanent premises.
The group’s proposal to convert the old caretaker’s cottage at Esker Cemetery has been shortlisted as part of South Dublin County Council’s “Have Your Say” initiative.
“Currently Men’s Shed Lucan consists of a start-up group of some 14 men and also several fantastic women advisors,” says Eamon Brennan one of the members of the group.
“We have great ambitions but lack a key item for a successful Men’s Shed group – we have no premises, no place to meet as Shedders.”
The group are asking locals to support their proposal when the public vote opens between May 22 and May 26.
Men’s Sheds have become increasingly popular in Ireland in recent years.
The sheds act as a space where men can gather and work on projects or just have a chat and a cup of tea.

The aim is to prevent men from becoming isolated and to encourage them to talk.
“The central tenet of Men’s Sheds is that we are striving to provide a place in which all men have the opportunity to maintain and improve their well-being on their own terms and in their own community,” says Eamon.
“It’s a place where they can talk about things that are important to them and improve their wellbeing by being physically, mentally and socially active.”
The concept for Men’s Sheds originated in Australia in 2007.
Since then, the Australian Men’s Shed Association has grown to support over 1,000 Men’s Sheds in the country and is recognised as a hugely successful male-based community organisation.
The Irish Men’s Shed Association (IMSA) was formed in January 2011 and has seen rapid growth with more Men’s Sheds being established every year.
Eamon says that he is excited by the project and is encouraging other men to join the new group.
“We put great emphasis on informal learning, relaxed, not muddled, and an atmosphere of ‘doing stuff together, learning and having fun’,” he says.
“Whether it’s a chat, a cup of tea or a complex project that attracts you, Men’s Shed is the place to be.”
More information on the Lucan Men’s Shed can be found on their Facebook page.