Dublin Credit Unions Loving Local Communities Across Dublin

by Gazette Reporter

Over the past 12 weeks, Dublin Credit Unions teamed up with the Dublin Gazette to sponsor the LOVING ♥ LOCAL initiative, which featured a broad range of businesses from across the city. 

Working with the Dublin Gazette, we have shared stories about businesses who have gone that extra mile in helping those in their community during these unprecedented times. Businesses who offer great customer service, a memorable experience and businesses who keep local friends, family and neighbours employed. 

Named as the organisation offering the best customer experience in Ireland – for five consecutive years – by CX Ireland, the Credit Union movement understands the importance of a great customer experience and what LOVING ♥ LOCAL represents in local communities.  Having lent 3 billion to its members last year, most of which going straight back into the local economy, the Credit Union movement, as a local business itself, understands that local businesses are the backbone of communities across Ireland.  

As not for profit organisations, supporting members for over 60 years, the Dublin Credit Unions also understand how important it is for all of us to do our part and support each other during these unprecedented times. Our members are the local businesses, neighbours and friends in your community. Our members are what keeps our Credit Union movement alive, and our members are the volunteers who work tirelessly to support and give back locally, through community giving, school programmes, scholarship awards, local club sponsorship and a wide range of activities throughout the year. 

Celebrating International Credit Union Day, this week, as a movement we are reminded of all that the Credit Union achieve across the world, through working together as a team and supporting each other. #StayLocalBorrowLocalSpendLocal has been the message from Dublin Credit Unions this year, reminding everyone that we are a Team. Together Everyone Achieves More and the Dublin Gazette LOVING ♥ LOCAL initiative also reminds, us how important this message is. 

We are all very proud and aware of the explosion of community spirit we have witnessed this year, and we need to keep driving that community spirit to show what can be achieved when we work together. So lets continue to stay, borrow and spend local and support local businesses, including your local Credit Union.

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