‘Day of Freedom’ as doors open for business

by Gazette Reporter

Today was “a day of freedom” according to Tánaiste Leo Varadkar as the country partially reopened its business and social doors after a protracted 2021 lockdown.

And without fear of  fine, people were also allowed to freely move across county boundaries.

This meant that families were able to touch base with relatives in other areas while there was also a massive welcome for the return of religious services.

An estimated 12,000 business flung open their doors earlier today as more than 100,000 employees went back to working environments to look after customers.

Leo Varadkar
Leo Varadkar

Mr Varadkar insisted that  financial support for business would remain in place until the end of next month at which time there could be a review whether it would be extended or ended. He made the point that while such a subsidy could not “go on forever”, the government was aware of the need to phase it out gradually rather than bring it to an abrupt end.

The Tánaiste also confirmed that the wage subsidy scheme would stay in place for some time and would only be altered after due consideration was given.

Mr Varadkar told RTE that the Government felt there would be a boom in consumer spending initially but that could taper off into the autumn.

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