Clearing the first Leaving Cert exam hurdle

by Alison O'Hanlon

The class of ’21 jumped the first Leaving Cert hurdle by sitting their English exam today.

And the verdict from students at Portmarnock Community School was that the opening challenge was “tough but fair.”

Due to the disruption surrounding the Covid 19 virus and various lockdowns over the past 15 months, students also have access to calculated grades based on estimated marks supplied by their teachers.

Daniel Maddock and Jack Irwin

While there is no national figures to reflect what percentage of students will opt to sit exams ahead of choosing the calculated route, in one example taking at a school, over half indicated they would sit the English exam, 70 per cent indicated they would sit Leaving Cert Maths papers with less than four in ten saying they would opt to sit the Irish tests.

Mathew Crawley, Ste Campbell, Cian Foran and Jamie Kavanagh

The Dublin Gazette sends its best to all students either sitting or electing for calculated grades. The results to the 60,000 students will be issued in early September this year.

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