Learn a whole new language without leaving the house

by Gazette Reporter

Fancy brushing up your language skills without having to leave the house?

Brian Heavey from Language Exchange Ireland has been hosting language exchanges for over eight years and pre-COVID there were three weekly events in Dublin and one in Cork. Dáire Bermingham has been running Language Exchange Switzerland for five years and is operating out of four cities.

Since starting the online events in April there have been over 2500 people connecting from all over the world (literally!) and the community is growing fast. Geographical barriers have been removed, you just need an internet connection to participate.

It is proving to be an opportunity arising from the pandemic. People are eager to continue to learn languages and socialise. All levels are welcome to join. The languages covered each week usually include Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Potuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and there is also an Irish (Gaeilge) only group.

The system ensures everyone gets an equal amount of time to practise speaking their target language. You are put into small groups with native speakers and you speak 10mins of your language then 10mins of your target language.

You are then moved to another group with different people to do the same again. So if you are looking to use your target language in real conversations with real people, improve your confidence speaking and meet new people this event is for you.

This language learning system has been proven offline and now online. The event takes place every Wednesday from 6.15pm-8pm online. For more information see www.instagram.com/onlinelanguageexchange or www.facebook.com/onlinelanguageexchange

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