Knocklyon United deliver last ditch plea to save their pitches

by Padraig Conlon

Knocklyon United have handed in over a thousand written objections calling on South Dublin County Council to scrap plans to build social housing at their pitches.

The local football club have been campaigning for over a year against the council plans to build 42 social houses in Ballycullen Park as they say the development would have a negative effect on the club and prevent it from growing in the future.

As yesterday was the closing date for written submissions to the Council’s housing Department, Knocklyon United Club Chairman Donal Skelly and Club Development Officer Dave Beggy handed over 1250 written submissions at County Hall, Tallaght.

Knocklyon United say that currently 450 children between the ages of seven years and 12 years of age use the pitches at Ballycullen every week.

These children travel from all over Dublin and surrounding counties to Ballycullen Park and the club say removal of the pitches will result in the immediate lack of facilities for their youngest players and their opponents.

Local Independent Councillor Francis Timmons is also hoping the Council reconsider their plans.

“I have respectfully requested that the proposed Housing at the much used Knocklyon United FC pitch is scrapped,” he told Dublin Gazette.

“I have written to the Mayor and The Director of Housing and asked that the proposal be scrapped.

“I cannot support this flawed project.

“I don’t believe we should build on a current facility that is being used, this to me is a step to far.

“We need facilities in tandem with housing.

“I have never voted against housing at SDCC but I cannot be part of setting a precedent that would allow this and other used facilities be fair game for housing into the future.”

In response to an enquiry from Dublin Gazette a spokesperson for South Dublin County Council said:

“A report addressing issues raised in submissions received regarding the proper planning and sustainable development of the area for the proposed development of 27 social homes at Knocklyon/Ballycullen will be presented to the Council’s Elected Members for consideration at the July meeting of the Council.

“This report will acknowledge receipt and address any issues of relevance contained in the approx. 1,000 template/chain letters referred to.”

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