Lucan dad slams Karting company after teen injured

by Padraig Conlon

A local father, who claims his daughter could have been decapitated, has accused a karting company of failing to acknowledge his concerns.

Lucan resident, Cillian Canavan brought his daughter Caoimhe and son Cian to Kylemore Karting for what they hoped would be a fun filled day out in June.

It was Caoimhe’s 12th birthday and she wanted to spend it racing her Dad and brother at the local karting track.

After 10 laps, she was in involved in an incident that made her crash into a barrier.

“The impact caused her helmet to come clean off her head,” Dad Cillian told Dublin Gazette.

“This caused her neck damage and scars and left her a bit traumatised.

“The staff at Kylemore put the helmet back on her, put her in another car and let her off again, this is after the same helmet had hit off the ground.

“She stopped a lap later not feeling well.

“I have been told by experts that the helmet should never come off.

“Imagine if another car had been coming behind her and hit her while she had no helmet on?

“She could have been decapitated with the helmet on the ground.”

Caoimhe was left with a large scar around her neck and other injuries.

“We brought her to the doctor, who found abrasions on her neck and an injury to her ankle,” Cillian said.

“I am very concerned about any plastic surgery, that maybe needed down the line.”

The behaviour of Kylemore Karting also made Cillian very angry.

“Following the incident, they rang me, and after looking at the CCTV, they said it was a freak incident and offered us three free passes,” he said.

“I feel that Kylemore doesn’t give a damn and won’t even acknowledge my concerns.

“They say everything was checked before she got into car by staff, I have an email off them.

“They also said impact injuries are to be expected, yet other go karting companies I contacted say the helmet should never come off.

“I asked Kylemore to remove the helmet from circulation in case it happened again, they won’t.

“I believe this incident is far more serious, and I think the authorities should be aware of it.”

Dublin Gazette contacted Kylemore Karting for a comment on Cillian Canavan’s claims, but had not received a reply at the time of going to press.

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