A GROUP of volunteers tending to stricken horses in a Clondalkin field have told how they had to “run for their lives” after joyriders drove straight at them.
The four were bringing water to the animals in Fonthill when they had to flee through a gap in the ditch to avoid the speeding car.
One terrified volunteer, who asked not to be named, told The Gazette: “We could see the car heading for us at speed and the others shouted at me to run. They drove over the buckets of water and broke them, then the car stalled and they escaped onto the canal bank.
“They had sunglasses on and their hoods up and they were laughing and roaring. The car just missed me by inches and the poor horses were terrified.”
The incident has been reported to gardai.
The My Lovely Horse Rescue (MLHR ) volunteers were tending to 10 horses who were left without food or water in blistering heat.
They used a buggy and two suitcases to transport buckets and basins of water and brought some carrots for the neglected animals.
The source said: “They were very dehydrated so we decided to bore a hole in the ground to set a bucket of water into it.
“They have been left there with nothing since October.
“In the winter we dragged up hay. We took one out earlier this month and it had to be euthanised because it had a leg injury.
“There are cars being driven around in between them up in the fields – quads and scramblers being driven too close to them as well. That is terrifying for horses.
“These horses are so frightened, it breaks my heart. They are beautiful animals.
“Am I going to go back into that field? Yes I will.
“The horses need us and I’m not going to let that stop me doing what I can for them.”
MLHR co-founder Martina Kenny has previously described a stretch of land running from the canal to Balgaddy along the Fonthill Road as the “death fields”.
Efforts are ongoing to establish who owns the land as it is unclear whether it is the responsibility of Nama or South Dublin County Council.


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