Jamie, 8, spends communion cash helping homeless

by Gary Ibbotson

An eight-year old boy has spent his communion money buying sleeping bags, tents and food – all given to the homeless.

Jamie Lennon, from Tallaght, surprised his parents when he asked to buy a tent and a sleeping bag with his communion money while shopping in Homestore & More.

His dad Darren told Dublin Gazette: “I originally said no, you have them at home.”

But when Jamie told his parents what the equipment was for, they soon changed their tone.

“My wife, Tina, was in tears,” Darren said, when Jamie said he wanted to buy the supplies to give to people less fortunate than himself.

He added: “He’s a very generous and kind natured boy, always looking after the other boys and girls.”

When the shop assistant overheard Jamie’s plan, he was told that the tents and sleeping bags were going on sale in a few days.

But rather than think of keeping some cash back for himself, in response, Jamie said: “I can buy double the amount now.”

After news circulated within the shop, Homestore & More donated foam roll-out matts to the cause. Jamie then went to Penney’s and bought hats, socks and gloves to add to the donation.

Overall, Jamie bought tents, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, tissue wipes, hand sanitiser, crisps, chocolate and pot noodle to give to the homeless, which were all donated to Reaching Out Homeless Outreach on Sunday.

In a Facebook post, Irene Coady Murphy, who helps run Reaching Out Homeless Outreach, said: “Huge thanks to this little man Jamie. Out of his communion money he wanted to buy all this for the homeless.

“Unbelievable kindness – your mam Tina and Dad should be so proud of you.”

According to his father, Jamie, who attends St Gabriel’s Primary School in Ballyfermot, “wants to do this all of the time,” and is saving up his money.

“We give him five euro in pocket money every week and he saves his money in a coin box in his room,” said Darren. “We are so proud of Jamie, he such a lovely kind eight-year old

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