Insurance crisis could jeopardise future of organised play events

by Padraig Conlon

Lord Mayor of Dublin Paul McAuliffe says the escalation of the insurance crisis in Ireland could see an end to organised family play days.

He was responding to the news that Leisure Insure, one of the last firms still covering leisure activities in Ireland, announced that it is leaving the market.

Cllr. McAuliffe was speaking at an event he was hosting for children as he described the developments in the insurance industry as “concerning.”

“Today, I’m hosting the first ever play date at the Mansion House,” he said.

“This event gives children the opportunity to test out Dublin City Council’s new play strategy. 

“This strategy, which is still being designed is aimed at encourage kids to play together and play outside, and its hoped that it will improve and increase play opportunities and facilities for children and young people across the city.

“The news that Leisure Insure is leaving the market is hugely concerning, not only for families who use the play centres and companies who are insured by them, but also for these businesses themselves who may be facing job losses or even closure.

“The government’s failure to act to curb spiralling costs or clamp down on fraudulent claims has led us to this point.  When will they start treating the issue with the gravity it deserves? 

“This situation has the potential to impact jobs, festivals, family events and businesses in Dublin and right across the country.

“We need to see an urgent response from government and the full implementations of the Cost of Insurance Working Group report – including a dedicated anti-fraud unit within A Garda Síochána and a National Claims Information Database. 

“The time has come for an emergency response to what has become a national crisis”, concluded Cllr. McAuliffe.

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