I beat coronavirus – now I want to be a nurse

by Gazette Reporter

A DUBLIN teen who beat coronavirus has returned to the hospital he was treated in to pursue his dream of nursing.

Brandon Fay, 17, from North Strand spent seven days in the Mater Hospital fighting Covid-19.

After making a full recovery he says he’s been “inspired” by the nurses who took care of him and wants to “give back” to frontline workers.

Brandon is now doing a work experience placement at the Mater’s Post-Acute Care Service in Fairview.

He said: “I’m back to help people. Back to doing what I like doing. I want to help people and be on the front line again and give back to what they gave me.”

Brandon is one of the youngest people in Ireland treated for the virus. He recalled struggling to breathe and fearing he would die alone in hospital.

But he said one nurse who said she would “be his mammy” for the duration helped him through, adding: “If I can be anything like her I know I’ll achieve.”

Brandon, who is due to begin a pre-nursing college course in September says he has returned to the hospital to help people.

He said his diagnosis of coronavirus came as a shock, adding: “I thought, I’m 17, I’m untouchable, there’s a shield of armour around me.

“I kept hand hygiene, kept every procedure I could, but unfortunately I caught the virus.”

Quarantined in a hospital bed he admitted “the worst thoughts were going through my head. I lost my father when I was eight, so Mam is all I really have.

“She is my best friend. Not being able to see her was very frightening. But the support of the team at the Mater was phenomenal.”

He added: “Now that I’m feeling 100 per cent… my dream job is to be on the frontline as a nurse. I plan to start studying nursing next year when I finish school.

“I want to help others and give back.”

Larkin Community College congratulated Brandon on his resilience and his resolve to help others. On its Facebook page it posted: “This story emphasises the importance of work placement for young people in helping them decide what to do when they leave school.”

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