Criticism of  HSE over failure to Reinstate Essential services  at Carmona School

by Gazette Reporter

‘The children are unable to shout ‘I can’t breathe’ or ‘I am in pain’ –   School Parent’s Representative

Parents of children attending Carmona Special Needs School have once again been forced to face the desperate choice of sending their children to school where there are no therapists providing potentially life saving treatments, or keep their children at home.

Despite the assurances given to the parents by Minister Anne Rabbitte last May and again in June, disability services have not been reinstated to pre Covid-19 levels.

Parents have lost all faith in the HSE and are under immense stress due to the lack of essential services being provided in the school.

“These children are all non-verbal, they are unable to communicate if in distress. They rely on the adults and therapists who are meant to protect them to pinpoint when they are in discomfort or in need of medical attention,” says Andrew Murnaghan, Carmona School Parent’s Representative.

“The children are unable to shout ‘I can’t breathe’ or ‘I am in pain’,” he added.

“Some parents are practically living in Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin – such are the medical needs of their children. Now when a child with respiratory issues is fit to attend school the parents of that child don’t know what to do, as contrary to the Pre Covid-19 services at the school there is now no trained therapist in place at the school to help that child if he/she gets into difficulty,”

“The HSE are fully aware of the exceptional needs of these children, it is indefensible in our view that these children are receiving such inequitable treatment. Does there have to be a tragedy before these children get the help Minister Anne Rabbitte promised them?”

“We are calling upon the Taoiseach to hold the HSE to account and intervene directly to ensure these children’s lives are protected and they can attend school,and avail of their constitutional right to an education,” says Andrew Murnaghan.

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