Horror as anti-gay pamphlet handed out in Balbriggan

by Sylvia Pownall

A mother has told of her shock after her eight-year-old son was handed a homophobic pamphlet in Balbriggan on Sunday morning.

Sarah Morgan said her innocent son Marley brought the offensive comic filled with hate speech home after a trip to the shops.

Marley, along with his older brother Warren (23), was approached by Dynamic Christian International (DCI) members who were also giving out free ice cream.

The US-produced leaflet, entitled Doom Town, describes same-sex relationships in debasing and offensive terms, suggesting all gay men are “perverts”.

It states: “The ONLY way to escape the sin of homosexuality is through Jesus Christ. Please trust him as your saviour.”

Sarah was left speechless when Marley asked her what the words homosexual and lesbian meant.

She told Dublin Gazette: “The blood drained from my head that my eight-year-old son was subjected to that language.”

Sarah explained: “My two sons went down to get breakfast rolls in the local coffee shop and when they came back Marley said they [DCI] were giving out free ice cream.”

“He wanted to go back down, and put the leaflet on the table. At first I didn’t know what it was until I opened it up and saw all the explicit wording.

“There was reference to rape, perverts, homosexuals, AIDS – I couldn’t believe my eyes. I rang the Garda station and ran around to the square.

“They [DCI] tried to tell me it was all about love, but it is inciting hate. My son would never be exposed to language like that.

“And the fact there was an ice cream van there means they were enticing children. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

The pamphlet refers to a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah and describes homosexual men as a “lust-filled mob” of sexual predators and paedophiles.


Other leaflets handed out on the day depict beheadings and other explicit material, which is equally unsuitable for a younger audience.

A spokesman for the church group, which meets weekly in Balbriggan and elsewhere across Dublin, said the leaflet was handed to Marley in error and was not intended for minors, adding: “This comic is all about faith. It is the word of God.”

It’s understood that Gardai moved the gathering on after receiving a complaint from Sarah.

A Garda spokesman would only say: “An Garda Siochana does not comment on any named individuals or organisations.”

A sticker on the leaflet advised that Dynamic Christian International meets every Sunday from noon to 1pm at the Bracken Court Hotel. The hotel was contacted but failed to comment.

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