Hozier shows support for Dublin busker in heartwarming video

by Rachel Darcy

A video of a young busker performing Hozier’s hit ‘Take Me To Church’ has gone viral on Twitter, after the 18-year-old had a visit from a musical inspiration.

Martin McDonnell was performing the hit track outside of Brown Thomas on Monday afternoon, with his performance being recorded by one of the onlookers.

Several people approached him to tip, before McDonnell was caught off guard by none other than Hozier himself tipping the young musician halfway through the performance of the hit.

McDonnell pauses halfway through his performance as the Wicklow singer approaches him to tip, before quickly continuing on down Grafton Street.

“Ah, no way,” he exclaimed, stopping the song with a grin on his features as he realises who had dropped a tip in his case. “Hang on, I’m just going to take a second – thank you so much. Have a good one, man! Wow, that was Hozier,” McDonnell remarked with a small laugh, looking starstruck in the short clip.

The video has gained traction on Twitter as a heartwarming moment, with podcaster Blindboy Boatclub retweeting the clip and saying it ‘warmed his heart for the entire day’, and multiple others remarking how ‘sound’ the ‘From Eden’ singer is.

In a post on Facebook, McDonnell said: “What are the odds? Sound of [Hozier] to tip, but his approval was priceless.”

Check out the video of the performance below, and follow him on Twitter here.

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