Go Ahead apologise after complaints over services

by Rebecca Ryan

Bus company, Go Ahead Ireland have apologised after complaints more than doubled on some of their routes.

New figures from the National Transport Authority revealed that grievances rose on 16 of their 24 routes transferred from Dublin Bus to Go-Ahead.

Keavy O’Sullivan uses the 75 bus service to and fro Dun Laoghaire regularly. She told Dublin Gazette that the service is often late and occasionally doesn’t show at all. She said it is causing her huge stress.

“[I feel] frustrated and stressed.

“It makes me late for work, which is unprofessional and means you’re stressed for the day before it’s even begun!

“I’ve tried getting up earlier and taking a previous bus, but it still gets me there within 10 minutes of the original because traffic was so much worse.

“They also quite regularly just drop off the tracking app and don’t always display on the real time info boards.”

Ms O’Sullivan said she would like better communication from Go Ahead.

“I’ve tried tweeting them to ask for updates or lodge comments.

“[I would like] some increased engagement with people who do write to them, and evidence that our concerns are noted and that they are trying to fix the routes.”

Go-Ahead managing director, Ed Wills told Dublin Gazette that some complaints are outside of their “direct control” such as increase in traffic and passengers, timetable changes that were brought in when they mobilised the routes, routes not running due to anti-social behaviour, or mechanical issues.

Mr Wills said that there were two areas in their remit to change.

“Firstly, we identified some timetable changes, and worked with the NTA who approved same. These changes have improved services.

“Secondly, we have continued to recruit and train our drivers and now have a wider pool. Areas in relation to excessive traffic and anti-social behaviour are areas that we regret, but are outside of our control.”

He added that the NTA sets out all routes, timetables and real time information.

Mr Wills apologised to any customers for any inconvenience and said they will continue to work on improving their service.  

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