Young Eco warrior Flossie launches quirky calendar

by Gazette Reporter

By Rose Barrett

Climate change campaigner Flossie Donnelly has launched a quirky calendar to raise funds and awareness for her eco charity.

The tongue-in-cheek calendar is in aid of Flossie and the Beach Cleaners, which is spearheaded by the 13-year-old from Sandycove in south Dublin.

It features some creative modelling by charity volunteers posing with props to cover their modesty and to highlight the need to keep our beaches and oceans free of plastics and pollution.

Flossie – who can regularly be found cleaning the foreshore near her home – founded the charity last year to tackle coastal pollution.

She told Dublin Gazette: “Definitely the message is getting out there and people are far more aware of our lovely marine life here.

“But sadly, we saw endless PPE gear, gloves, masks and wipes all dumped on the beaches. Because of the pandemic, single use water bottles have increased. 

“People are better aware of recycling but do not often recycle properly. They will throw the plastic bottle in to the recycling bin but don’t realise they should first remove the plastic label surrounding the bottle.

“Large plastic bags that line household bins are not actually recyclable. Often the bin liner is in the recycling bin full of recycled material but the material will end up in the rubbish tip as the bag will be dumped.”

But the teenager is not despondent.  

“The only way to reduce waste and to solve climate change is by being positive,” said Flossie. “We are currently doing junior workshops on the beach with students, most recently with Loreto Primary School, Dalkey.

“Last year, we worked with more (schools) but because of the virus, we can only work locally and we’ve run out of funding so hence, the need for the calendar.”

Cheeky Calendar

The calendar covers ocean pollution and the beauty of Dublin Bay – all with a healthy dose of Covid-free humour.

“We want to make people smile in these crazy times and remind them that whilst the coronavirus is here, we can still appreciate the beauty of where we live whilst cleaning the planet,” noted Flossie’s mum Harriet.

“Every model is wearing a piece of rubbish/pollution that we collected from the beaches or pulled out of the sea including traffic cones, plastic waste, nets. They are all sea swimmers and so have a great love of the sea.” “We’re hoping to get them into major supermarkets and local outlets. They’re fun, and will give people a lift.”

The calendars are on sale from this Friday, 30 October at €15 each. Further information from Harriet Donnelly at 087 924 2438 or

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