Scrambler hell descends on fed-up Finglas as locals slam lack of action

by Dublin Gazette

Locals in Finglas have slammed the lack of response to scramblers speeding on main roads in broad daylight last week.

A number of the controversial vehicles were reported to be speeding along main roads in Finglas, weaving in and out of traffic and nearly coming into contact with pedestrians.

One of the roads impacted was reported as Jamestown Road, with other scramblers speeding in Berry Field and Casement Road – which is across the road from Finglas Garda Station.

Scrambler vehicles have come under criticism in the past, with gardai carrying out a major operation in the Finglas and Cabra area last Christmas Day to try and tackle the issue.

Community Policing gardai also visited local schools to warn parents and children of the dangers associated with scramblers, to try and dissuade people from purchasing and using the vehicles.

A lack of caution with scramblers in the area has led to strife for locals, with one resident saying her child has been left traumatised after a vehicle mounted the path driving toward them.

Ciara Fox said: “My five-year-old is absolutely petrified of them. We live up [near Barry Field]; a scrambler came up on the path right towards us a couple of months ago.

“Now if he’s in our garden and hears them he runs into the house, terrified; if we’re out and he even hears them in the distance, he just freezes on the spot and starts crying.”

Other residents fear that one day, there will be a tragic accident because of the amount of speeding and reckless driving by scrambler owners.

Patricia Kennedy said of one recent driving experience: “Coming up the Tolka Valley Road [on Thursday] morning and several [scramblers] came up behind us doing wheelies – absolutely terrifying.

“They overtook us, forcing us into the kerb and intimidating drivers coming in the other direction. Does anyone take ownership of these kids or are they feral?

“Someone will be killed if this continues and most likely an innocent person.”

In response to queries from Dublin Gazette regarding the legal implications of the use of scramblers, An Garda Siochana have said that there is difficulty in dealing with scramblers at present due to limitations with current legislation.

A Garda spokesperson said: “A task force has been established between the four Dublin Local authorities, the Department of Justice, the Department of Transport, An Garda Siochana and the Road Safety Authority.

“[This is in relation to] dealing with ongoing matters about the use, misuse and dangers of scramblers and quad bikes across Dublin city and county.

“This task force has met on a number of occasions, to date. The main difficultly in dealing with this issue lies in limitations with current legislation, and the task force is examining this, at present.

“Any person who sees suspected dangerous driving is asked to contact their local garda station.”

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