Fine Gael Dublin Mid-West team called on to support pension claim

by Padraig Conlon

A local woman who interrupted a Fine Gael pre-election event has questioned why anyone would vote for them.

Pauline Grogan from Clondalkin was one of eight CE Supervisors who turned up last Friday (5th) at the event hosted by Fine Gael TD and MEP candidate Frances Fitzgerald in Finnstown Castle Hotel.

“We met the Dublin West Fine Gael team to chat and share some thoughts with Deputy Fitzgerald, councillors and local election candidates,” Grogan told Dublin Gazette.

“We wanted to highlight our 11-year fight to have a 2008 Labour Court recommendation implemented which said that a Pension Scheme should be introduced for both CE Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors and the scheme should be adequately funded by FAS.

“We asked Deputy Fitzgerald, councillors Emer Higgins, Kenneth Egan and Vicki Casserly and local election candidates Caroline Brady and Derek Keating to investigate why the Labour Court ruling has not been implemented.

“Deputy Fitzgerald told us she was a little bit surprised that Minister Pascal Donohue has made no response at all to either of the two unions, FORSA or SIPTU.

“In April 2018, a Dail vote supported the call for implementation of the Labour Court recommendation and received all party support except Fine Gael.

“In 2015, as part of the Lansdowne Road Agreement, Unions and Government agreed to establish a High Level Forum to deal with the CE Supervisors pension claim.

“The government failed to properly engage.

“Why would anyone choose to vote for a party like Fine Gael who choose to ignore a Labour Court recommendation?”

“Ministers Paschal Donohoe and Regina Doherty stated that Government won’t fund the pension scheme as Supervisors are employees of private companies.

“We gave Deputy Fitzgerald examples of precedents where pensions for employees of “private companies” are funded.

“Community Development Programmes were private companies yet received funding for employee pension schemes as are Local Partnership Companies who are also funded for their employees’ pensions.”

In February 2019, CE Supervisors launched a campaign of industrial action to force the Government to respect the Labour Court ruling.

The campaign is ongoing with a rally outside Dail Eireann planned for next Tuesday (16th April.)

The supervisors attending the event have service histories ranging between 10 to 26 years.

They say they did not make provision for their retirement as they trusted the Labour Court recommendation would be honoured.

Deputy Fitzgerald told them she will investigate the matter and find out why there has been no progress.

Dublin Gazette contacted Frances Fitzgerald but had received no reply at the time of going to press.

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