Catherine posted this picture, which clearly shows used needles, one of which pricked her little girl

A LITTLE girl from Ballymun was rushed to hospital after being pierced with a bloody needle that was dumped outside her home at Ard na Meala while she was playing last Friday September 2.
The four-year-old was rushed to hospital for blood tests. The results will be ready next week.
The girl’s mother, Catherine Leonard, took to Facebook to express her shock and disgust.
“This is what some dirty dragged up animals left in a bag on our footpath where our kids were playing and emptied the bag and innocently played with them,” she posted, alongside a photograph of the syringes (pictured) one clearly containing blood.
“I’m devastated to say we spent the night in Temple Street getting blood tests to make sure our little girl will be ok after being pierced with a bloodied needle. It’s just disgusting and wrong that this could happen.”
There was an outpouring of support for the family, with friends and locals expressing their shock at the incident.
Councillor Noeleen Reilly (SF) also expressed concern and said incidents like this lead to “disillusionment” within the Ballymun community.
“My heart goes out to the parents of the children involved. One young girl has to be taken to Temple Street and was there all night,” she said. “It is now not safe for children to play outside their homes.
“Someone just dumped a bag of needles without a care in the world for who would find them. It’s totally unacceptable for anyone to do this whatever their issues.”
The girl is on a course of strong antibiotics for the next week and Catherine told The Gazette she broke down when she had to tell her daughter’s school principal why she was absent.
“Some low life walked by a bin and dumped a bag full of about eight dirty syringes outside a house that has four kids between the two houses,” she said. “There’s no road at the front of our house and the kids love being out there and it’s sickening to think that someone who obviously has to pass through, and would see the kids playing, left the dirty needles in a bag for anything to happen.”
She said that her daughter “cried her heart and soul out” when she realised what happened.
“We’re just devastated that she has to go through this, she is so tiny and the other kids that were out playing with her thinking they did something wrong.
“I always warn them of strangers and stuff like that but never did I think we would be going through this. I cried myself asleep last night thinking about the what ifs – its going to be a long week.”