Families less stressed after respite breaks from palliative care, says study

by Gazette Reporter

Many families of children with life-limiting conditions have been cocooning now for over a year and are in need of short respite breaks from LauraLynn Children’s Hospice.

Recent studies show that 11.7% of parents of children in palliative care would experience a significant reduction in stress as a result of providing them with short breaks.

Due to the pandemic many of these families have been strictly cocooning for over a year now and are in need of short breaks.

LauraLynn has remained open throughout the pandemic, providing Crisis Care and End of Life Care and supports to children and families across Ireland and short stays for families have fully resumed as of March 5th.

Alex Coyne is one of the children who LauraLynn supports. Alex was born with microcephaly, meaning his head is smaller than it should be, which damaged his brain as it grew.

He also has severe cerebral palsy and scoliosis too. Alex is blind and has epilepsy, which gives him seizures. He can’t move himself at all – other than to smile.

Alex’s mum, Nicola, explains why these breaks are vital for families like hers, especially after over a year of cocooning due to Covid 19.

Alex’s mum, Nicola, says; “Life isn’t easy for Alex, he needs a lot more care than other children his age. But there’s a place we go sometimes where everything is set up to make him happy and the daily challenges we share almost melt away. You and I call that place LauraLynn. But to Alex, it’s another world – a place that’s truly magical.

“Alex is never happier than when he’s at LauraLynn. I like to say that it’s his very own Wonderland. It’s simply a wonderful place for children with life-limiting conditions and their families to be. A stay at LauraLynn gives you a respite from the worry and the stress. It’s the only break away I get to have with Alex.’’

Last year, 345 families and children from across Ireland availed of LauraLynn care and supports. 

Please support LauraLynn and children like Alex this spring by donating at www.lauralynn/alex

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