Fairtrade Fortnight begins with packed schedule of exciting virtual events

by Amy Rohu

Fairtrade Fortnight begins this week and there are a host of virtual events happening that you can get involved in.

The climate focused campaign is asking the Irish public to get behind fairtrade so that farmers in developing countries can benefit from the resources needed for tackling the climate emergency.

In Ireland, supporters, schools and commercial partners are being invited to take part in virtual events.

These events will be both educational and fun and include everything from a chocolate truffle making workshop to a photography exhibition.

There will also be a teachers workshop, which investigates issues to do with cocoa and poverty in West Africa. See list of public events at Fairtrade.ie

Fairtrade Standards encourage producers to protect the environment by improving soil, planting trees, conserving water and avoiding pesticides.

Fairtrade also makes training available to producers so that they can use the latest agricultural methods, such as shade-grown coffee to adapt to conditions.

Farmers in developing countries need investments for adaptation and resilience strategies in the face of the climate crisis.

Peter Gaynor, Executive Director with Fairtrade Ireland, said ‘Since 1850 when measurements began, developing countries have contributed just 8% of total carbon emissions. Rich countries have contributed 92% of emissions.’

He added ‘Because the worst weather impacts happen in a band around the equator called the Tropics, farmers in many developing countries already have to adapt to the worst climate problems.

Increased storms, drought, floods and changing rain patterns already damage farmers’ lands and crops. We need a Just Transition.’

For more information on Fairtrade Ireland check out their site here and if you get involved over the next two weeks don’t forget to tag #ChooseTheWorldYouWant and #ChooseFairtrade

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