Call on landlord to be more lenient to older residents

by Padraig Conlon

A local man who claims he is being evicted from a Tallaght apartment complex has called on his landlord to be lenient to older residents.

Ian Healy, who works in Tallaght Hospital as a porter, is one of 30 residents of Exchange Hall who received eviction notices in the last few months.

“I’ve been living here since 2012 so I’d be one of the longest of the current tenants here,” Healy told Dublin Gazette.

“I got my eviction notice last year so I have to be out in a few months.”

This claim has been refuted by the landlord.

In February the fifth and sixth floors of the apartment block went on the market as an investment property with McPeake Auctioneers handling the sale.

“I think because our rent is at the cheaper end of the scale it would probably be more attractive to a buyer if we were all gone,” Healy said.

“I would consider myself one of the luckier ones as I have my mam’s house and offers of a spare room from other family members, but other tenants don’t have that security.

“Most of the people living here are Filipino, with both the husband and wife working in Tallaght Hospital, and a lot of them don’t know where they’re going next due to the lack of availability of rental accommodation in Dublin.

“Because a lot of the Filipino nurses are elderly, in their 60s and nearly retired, we have pleaded for them to be allowed stay for just one or two years until they’re retired but the auctioneers handling, this haven’t tried to engage with us.”

Dublin Gazette contacted McPeake Auctioneers and spoke with Managing Director Joe McPeake.

“Nobody is being “evicted”,” McPeake told Dublin Gazette.

“What is happening here is two of the three owners have died and the executors are looking to sell, which is their entitlement.

“The tenants are not being evicted, they have been notified that their tenancy is ending.

“Everything is legal and being done as per the law.

“If we gave some tenants another year then they’d have to get another six months because of regulations.

“We have to comply with regulations otherwise we’re in breach of the law.

“All that’s being done here is compliance.

“The regulations now are so black and white and everything is very much loaded against the landlord.

“If the tenant makes a complaint, then automatically the landlord is a bad boy, this isn’t fair.

“Most landlords are good, we very rarely come across bad landlords.

“In my experience they are excellent, for example if tenants want something fixed it’s done immediately.

“When you issue a notice to tenants, you’re automatically a bad boy, but that’s what you have to do sometimes, that’s a part of management of properties.

“Everyone thinks landlords are making a fortune when in reality they’re not.”

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