E-scooter scheme could rev up city trade by €2.6m

by Gazette Reporter

AN e-mobility company hoping to run a rental scheme in Dublin has laid out plans to give retail and restaurant businesses in the capital a €2.6 million annual revenue boost.

Europe’s largest e-scooter operator TIER plans to enter the market after the Government decision to introduce a new vehicle category to legalise the use of e-scooters on roads.

TIER, which operates in over 90 cities across Europe and the Middle East, including Paris, Berlin, York and Dubai, will also give away over €200,000 worth of free trips a year as part of its unique battery-swapping innovation. 

If successful in launching a Dublin service, TIER will deploy its fleet of e-scooters and e-bikes in the city, all of which will be equipped with rider-swappable batteries.

This model allows people to earn a free trip every time they exchange a vehicle’s battery with a fully charged one. To facilitate this technology, the company will partner with local businesses, such as shops and cafes, who will house compact charging pods – known as ‘powerboxes’ – for e-vehicle riders to make the swap.

This model has already been successfully piloted in Finland and is now being rolled out across ten German cities over the next few weeks.

People who visit the charging stations to swap batteries spend an average of €3.10 on goods while at the location. Over a year, this amounts to over €18,000 in additional revenue for a participating business.

With TIER planning to install over 140 charging pods in Dublin if they become a rental operator in the city, the upside for businesses in the capital will be up to €2.6 million over 12 months.

Fred Jones of TIER said: “Our e-scooters are already having a hugely positive impact on cities when it comes to reducing congestion and pollution, and helping people to move around in a Covid-safe way.

“We’ve seen the tangible benefits that our charging network can offer retail business and restaurants and we would love to be able to replicate this in Dublin, supporting the high street as it begins to reopen and recover from the pandemic.”

Placed inside convenience stores, cafés and other partner locations, the charging stations are compact, fully-automated and require no store staff oversight and no installation. It is free of charge for partners, with TIER also paying for all electricity costs.

If TIER operates in Dublin, it will be actively seeking partners to host the network.

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