ESB say: “No more power cuts for Clondalkin” after latest outage

by Padraig Conlon

Angry residents in Clondalkin who endured another power cut this week, are hoping ESB have finally sorted things out.

Over 2,500 buildings in the local area lost power for almost two hours on Monday afternoon, in the latest incident in a spate of outages this year.

For the past several weeks, local residents have been reporting one large power cut a week.

In the first few months of 2019, the area was also hit with four major power cuts in as many months which affected houses, traffic lights and businesses.

ESB Networks says the latest large power-outage was caused by an underground cable fault.

In a statement, ESB Networks told Dublin Gazette they are confident there will be no more problems for customers in Clondalkin.

“ESB Networks can confirm that approximately 2,500 customers in the Clondalkin area were impacted yesterday afternoon (September 30) by a power outage,” a spokesperson said.

“ESB Networks crews were immediately dispatched to carry out repairs, with supply restored to all customers.

“Following a number of reported outages in the area in recent months, ESB Networks has been carrying out extensive investigations on our infrastructure there.

“We are confident that we have found the source of the fault with repairs carried out yesterday afternoon.

“ESB Networks would like to apologise to all impacted customers in the Clondalkin area.”

Local Fianna Fail councillor, Trevor Gilligan told Dublin Gazette he has been contacted by many angry constituents looking for answers to the local power cut problems.

“They are far too frequent, I’m happy to have a reply and hopefully these outages are coming to an end, according to the ESB,” he said.

“They have been sectionalising in the Clondalkin area in order to identify and isolate the cause of a recent cable fault in the area.

“This is the reason some people have experienced an intermittent supply.

“They said they are now down to a short piece of network that does not supply any domestic customers, and they will continue to work to identify and repair the fault which is currently impacting some public lighting in the area.

“I have had contact from several irate constituents, so I can only hope that the situation is now rectified.”

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