A look back over 16 years as Dundrum Town Centre celebrates milestone birthday

by Amy Rohu
Dundrum Town Centre

The iconic Dundrum Town Centre is turning 16 today after opening it’s doors on March 3rd 2005.

The centre, which is Ireland’s biggest shopping mall, has been through alot over the years and is still regarded as one of the best places in Dublin to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Since the centre opened it has seen many shops open and close. There were surprises, like the opening of Ireland’s only Harvey Nichols to shocks like the closing of Hamleys, the toyshop where every single customer wanted to buy that giraffe. (If you ever went in there, you will know what giraffe).

Dundrum has appeared in TV programmes, hosted events such as their famous ‘Shop & Rock’ discount night and has had book signings and live music. The Millpond is the home of many food trucks where you can sit and enjoy a summer evening, while the pond itself bursts into a water show complete with music.

Just a few years after it opened, Dundrum had to defend itself against a recession. The crash of 2008 hit the economy like a tonne of bricks and while retail suffered, the centre was able to stay standing. In 2011 the centre flooded, which resulted in chaotic scenes of customers fleeing from level 1 and staff scrambling out of the emergency exits.

The centre is the home of the perfect mix of our favourites with the likes of Boots, Easons and of course Pennys. We then have the high end stand alone giants like Hugo Boss and Michael Kors, every fashion lovers dream.

You can visit the supermarket and then Starbucks, go and see a film and then have your dinner. You can meet your mum or meet a date, all under one roof.

At Christmas they pull out all the stops with the most beautiful decorations twinkling for weeks. A train whizzes along past the shops on the ground floor, filled with excited children on the way to see Santa while a queue forms outside for the ice-rink.

The pandemic has hit us all hard, including Dundrum. Due to the government guidelines they have of course had to close non-essential retail on a few occasions.

The centre has had to adapt to keep staff and customers safe. From introducing a crowd checker on their website at Christmas so you could safely visit, to turning the centre into a one-way system, they have done their best for their customers and staff.

Most recently the centre has used their underground carpark space to support the Dundrum Medical Centre to start the vaccination programme for the over 85’s.

What makes Dundrum extra special is how it somehow feels like part of the community. The imposing building with it’s grand design, somehow just fits in. It doesnt feel intimidating and instead feels like an ultra modern version of a local shop. Just a good bit bigger.

While we can’t go to celebrate with Dundrum today, we can wish them a very happy sweet 16 and hope that we will be visiting again very soon.

To keep up with Dundrum check out their Instagram here

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