Dublin’s Lord Mayor Hazel Chu to host webinar tackling hate crime

by Gazette Reporter
Lord Mayor

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu will host a free webinar this Friday, March 26th, highlighting the issue of hate crime and the forthcoming hate crime legislation.

This two-part virtual webinar, in partnership with the INAR, is taking place during March which is Anti-Racism month.

Discussions will examine supports available to victims and hear the personal stories and experiences of those affected by hate crime in Ireland.

“Many people, including myself and my family have suffered racial abuse and know all too well the hurt and terror hate crime can cause to victims and their families,” said Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu. 

Lord Mayor Hazel Chu
Lord Mayor Hazel Chu

Ireland currently does not have any specific legislation to deal with hate crime. At the moment, the only legislation in Ireland that deals with hate-based offences is the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989.  Thankfully, this will soon change, as the Department of Justice is due to publish a new Hate Crime Bill later this year.

“I hope this webinar will offer victims and those supporting them, the opportunity to hear more about this new legislation and the support services available. We must tackle Hate Crime once and for all. I hope this webinar will give a voice to all those seeking this positive change,” she added.

The Department of Justice conducted a review of the current legislation last year and published a report recommending that a new Hate Crime Bill would be developed. This new legislation will deal with both incitement to hatred and hate crime.

Many organisations, including the INAR are calling for the best legislative protections to be put in place for all affected groups from the harms caused by violence and other crimes directed at their identities.

INAR today published new data showing its racist incident reporting system iReport.ie recorded a record high 700 racist incidents in Ireland in 2020, up from 530 in 2019.

The system also recorded 159 Criminal incidents, a record 51 racist assaults and a record 594 hate speech incidents in 2020.

he morning session will focus on the new legislation and what it may mean for victims of Hate Crime in the future in Ireland

The afternoon session (2pm – 4pm) will focus on the impact of hate crime on victims and support services available.

To register for the morning webinar, click here:

To register for the afternoon webinar, click here:

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