Dublin school wins business awards

by Rachel Cunningham

A Dublin school has scooped the Marketing Gurus Award with a beeswax wrap business in the National Junior Entrepreneur Awards, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Pupils from almost 300 schools nationwide experienced what it’s like to be a start-up entrepreneur. As many as 9,000 children launched their own start-up primary school businesses, combining their creativity with their newfound skills to create original products and launch businesses.

Fifth class at St. Mary’s National School in Donnybrook won the JEP Marketing Gurus Award for their project beeswax wraps, which are eco-friendly reusable food wrappings handmade by the children.

Peadar Cody’s fifthclass came up with clever marketing strategies by making chalk drawings on the yard to spark curiosity, before creating a series of advertising posters to display around the school.  They created promotional videos and ads for each class, including an animation for the junior classes, and worker bee ‘golden tickets’, which gave customers the chance to win a prize when they made a purchase. They sold a total of 680 wraps and made an impressive profit of €1,400.

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