Introducing Your New & Improved Dublin Gazette’s

by Aengus O'Hanlon

This week, marks a new dawn for the Dublin Gazette, as our new, bigger and better editions hit the shelves of your local shop.

The response we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re delighted with how our new papers look.

The four new editions of the Dublin Gazette have been repositioned to fall in line with the capital’s four local authorities – making us the only free local newspaper to comprehensively cover Dublin City and County.

We’ve increased our circulation from 55,000 to a whopping 75,000 copies, and are increasing the number of our pick-up points so that even if you live in the smallest of villages, your FREE Dublin Gazette is available every Thursday.

With more pages, more papers and more pick-up points, we will strive to ensure that all the local issues that matter to you are covered, no matter where you live in the capital.

With that in mind, we want to hear from you – if you have a story, or an issue that you feel is important, or just a photo you think your fellow readers would enjoy, get in touch with Your Local Dublin Gazette, because it’s the readers that matter most.

We hope you enjoy our new look, bigger and better Dublin Gazette, because whether you live in Balbriggan, Ballinteer, Lucan or Loughlinstown, we will strive to report on the local news, sport and entertainment that’s relevant to you.

Happy reading folks,

Aengus O’Hanlon

Group Editor

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