Council’s new task force to help city post Covid-19

by Gazette Reporter
Dublin City Centre

Dublin City Council is establishing a ‘City Recovery Task Force’ to shape to physical, economic, social and cultural recovery strategy for the city post Covid-19.

The overall objective is to contribute to the recovery of the city centre by creating a roadmap for the delivery of the City Council’s vision in line with the Government’s plans for relaxing Covid restrictions and for reopening the economy.

There will be extensive stakeholder engagement during the process. The primary focus of the initiative will be on non-residential areas between the Canals to the North and South and stopping at Heuston Station in the West.

It is proposed that the Task Force will have an internal focus dealing with City Council services and those matters that the City Council specifically controls, and an external focus dealing with stakeholders and addressing their needs post-Covid. The key themes will include:

City Centre Recovery Plan

Presentation of the City

Promotion of Outdoor Trading/Dining

Roll out of additional public conveniences

Policing and Safety


Animating the City by organising events

Delivering Capital Projects

Promotion/Lobbying on behalf of city centre

Mr Coilín O’Reilly, Executive Manager North City, will head up the force  as Director of City Recovery and will report to the City Recovery Task Force.

The initiative will continue until the end of this year at which stage it will be subject to review.

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