Dublin City Council announces new Covid-19 measures

by Gazette Reporter

In response to the Taoiseach’s announcement last night, Dublin City Council would like to announce the following measures:

All City Council offices including Area Offices will be closed to members of the public, with the exception of the DRHE Offices at Parkgate Street and the Civic Offices, where there will be very limited public access, strictly by appointment for certain housing/homeless services.

City Hall and the Mansion House will be closed.

The Motor Tax Office will be closed. Postal business will not be processed. The online motor tax service will continue to operate.

City Council Bring Centres will be closed. 

City Council parks will remain open for the time being. Car parks attached to City Council parks will be closed. 

A reduced Customer Service phone service will be operated from Monday, 30 March.

The Traffic Control Centre will continue to operate.

The number of outdoor staff required to report for work will be reduced significantly with the result that only priority services will be maintained (e.g. water supply and waste water services) as well as emergency response services (e.g. roads maintenance, public lighting, housing maintenance) together with minimal waste management/street cleansing services and a minimal parks maintenance service. 

Dublin Fire Brigade fire and emergency ambulance service will continue to operate as normal.

All City Council meetings including Area Committee meetings, SPC meetings etc. will be cancelled until May 2020. Elected Members can continue to submit questions for Area Committee and City Council meetings, which will be responded to. 

The issue of virtual Area Committee meetings will be reviewed after 12 April.  Every effort will be made to maintain as wide a range as possible of office-based City Council services by staff working from home.

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