Dublin Bus launches annual community spirit award

by Amy Rohu

Amy Rohu

Dublin Bus has launched the annual Community Spirit Awards, inviting local voluntary and community groups to apply. Any group located in an area served by Dublin Bus can apply for a grant of €1,000, €2,000 or €5,000.

Speaking about the 2022 Community Spirit Awards, Ray Coyne, Dublin Bus CEO said: “Week in, week out local voluntary and community groups and their members inspire us with the invaluable difference their work does to improve their communities. We want them to know that we acknowledge and appreciate their dedication and I urge them to apply for a Community Spirit Award.”

Since 2004, the Community Spirit Awards have amplified the actions of deserving groups who help their local communities to thrive. Since 2010 alone, the awards have helped 425 groups who work with children and young people such as youth clubs, arts and drama groups and hospital support groups. Sports clubs have also been a major recipient of the awards with 163 clubs, from GAA to Taekwon-do, having received an award. The awards have also funded 154 groups supporting people with disabilities, 140 education organisations, 83 active age groups and 133 environmental groups all across the Greater Dublin Area.

Application forms for the 2022 Dublin Bus Community Spirit Awards are available now at www.dublinbus.ie and will be accepted up to 17.00 on Friday July 15. Successful applicants will be notified by Dublin Bus from autumn onwards. 

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