Dublin Smartphone Film Festival to move online for its 4th year

by Rachel Darcy

Now in its fourth year, the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival will kickstart on January 30, showcasing the talent the county – and the world – has to offer.

It is known as Ireland’s only International Film Festival dedicated to filmmakers exclusively using mobile devices, phones & tablets, and will feature a selection of short films, documentaries, music videos and more.

With over 200 entries from more than 25 countries, categories at the festival include Best Fiction, Music video, Documentary, Animation, and best Irish, with entries restricted to being no longer than 15 minutes long.

The festival was founded by Robert Fitzhugh, a filmmaker who has previously worked for the Reel World Film Festival in Canada, and more recently worked as part of the PR and marketing team for the Fingal Film Festival.

“We just could not believe the success of the festival in the past three years. We sell out each year before the doors even open,” Fitzhugh said.

“It really demonstrated to us just how popular the notion of Smartphone Filmmaking has become. This year is unfortunately going to be a little different. It doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be great.

“The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have brought about an incredible period of creativity with people forced to use the tools they have at their disposal to tell stories. As a result we have seen an increase in submissions and the quality has moved forward at a phenomenal rate.

“Despite the situation we all find ourselves in there has never been a more interesting time to explore Smartphone filmmaking. This is what the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is here to do; to encourage the next generation of filmmakers to create their stories using their phones and to provide them with a platform to present these stories to a wider audience.”

The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival will take place from the 30th of January to the 6th of February on XERB.TV.

Tickets are priced at €5 per screening, or €15 for access to all short films, with tickets available here.

For more information, visit the Dublin Smartphone Festival website.

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