Local TD urges caution with drug use at Electric Picnic

by Padraig Conlon

Dublin Mid West TD and Fianna Fail spokesperson for Drug Policy, John Curran, has urged caution this weekend at Electric Picnic when it comes to recreational drug use.

Deputy Curran said the tragic case of Jack Downey who passed away after a suspected drugs overdose at a Cork music festival recently, should send a warning to all festival goers, that there is no way of knowing what exactly is in a drug or how your body will react to it.

“Jack’s parents spoke bravely at the weekend and their message came across very clearly – there is no such thing as a bad batch, they’re all bad batches,” Deputy Curran said.

“So much of our emphasis is continually placed on habitual drug use and the ravaging effects of addiction.

“Yet, those who indulge in drug use recreationally, often incorrectly believe that social use of illicit substances is safer, free of inherent risks and legal.

“This absolutely isn’t the case and every pill or every gram of powder can contain noxious substances which can react differently in the body and can have life altering and life-ending consequences.”

Deputy Curran also said that so called “recreational” drug users should be mindful of how they are enriching violent gangsters, and the knock-on effects this has on society.

“It’s important for people to look at this objectively too,” he said.

“Every single cent spent on drugs, whether it’s just for a festival weekend or for a longer-term habit, goes directly into the pocket of deadly criminals who are holding communities at ransom.

“I am not naive to the fact that people will take drugs at festivals regardless, but recreational users need to make the conscious connection between their use and the drug dealers and gangs that are dominating the streets of our capital,” Deputy Curran concluded.

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