Council to axe and replace 63 trees in Donabate in coming weeks

by Gazette Reporter

Removal and replacement of dozens of trees are scheduled for Newbridge Demesne in Donabate in coming weeks, according to Fingal County Council.

The local authority says an arboriculture survey identified a risk to the public and to a heritage wall within the park with 63 trees to be felled, and 65 to be planted.

The works will be carried out in three phases in the area parallel to Turvey Avenue and alongside a footpath as part of an overall rejuvenation plan for the woodland areas.

A council spokesperson said: “The first phase will deal with those trees presenting the greatest risk to the public due to their structural stance. In all 11 trees will be felled and pruning work will be carried out on two other trees.

“The second phase of works will include trees with poor viability, trees affected by the removal or pruning of trees in the first phase and trees causing structural damage to the heritage wall.

“This will result in the felling of 22 diseased Ash trees and the removal of 30 self-seeded smaller girth trees. Pruning works will be carried out on another 28 trees.

“The third phase will see 65 trees planted with the most suitable species for each section used to rejuvenate the woodland and enhance the ecology, while providing sustainability and biodiversity for the future.”

A video explaining the work to be undertaken can be viewed at

The council’s Director of Operations Mary T Daly, said: “Fingal’s vision is to retain the heritage characteristics of the woodlands while maintaining and providing a sustainable safe woodland for the public and future generations to enjoy.

“The survey identified a number of trees that pose a risk to the public and we have no option but to remove these as well as others that are no longer viable.

“All the trees that are removed will be replaced by suitable species within the woodland.”

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