Abandoned pup recovering well as Dogs Trust appeal for support

by Gazette Reporter

By Rose Barrett

A disturbing video of a dog with untreated tumours being cruelly abandoned a week before Christmas pulled at the hearts of the nation.

The footage, released by Dogs Trust Ireland, showed female Rottweiler Beau being tied to a gatepost at midnight before her owners fled on foot.

The trusting pet is clearly affectionate in the video – and left bewildered as the pair walking her drop her lead over a metal barrier at the gates of the compound.

Dogs Trust now reports that Beau is doing well and is off to a good foster home.

A vet inspection revealed that she had a chronic ear condition and a number of cancerous tumours on her underbelly, which had gone untreated.

Dogs Trust assistant manager Eimear Cassidy, who found Beau tied to the gate when she arrived at 7.30am, told how upsetting it was.

Following the abandonment of Beau, a female Rottweiler in urgent need of veterinary care, outside their rehoming centre in Finglas, Dogs Trust Ireland is reiterating their appeal for members of the public to contact them if they are struggling with their dogs.

The animal had been left shivering in freezing temperatures despite there being an emergency phone number clearly displayed on the gate.

Thankfully, Beau has had major surgery to remove the tumours and her ear issue has been treated.

“Her conditions are manageable,” said Corina Fitszimons, PR and Communications Officer at Dogs Trust. “However, she is still on medication and will need to be on a special diet for the rest of her life.

“We would like her to be eating more but she is going to a loving foster home where she will receive lots of TLC while she recuperates.”

Corina pleaded with dog owners who are having issues with their pets to surrender them to Dogs Trust.

#SoldADog Campaign In November, Dogs Trust launched their emotive ‘Sold A Pup’ campaign, in order to highlight the cruelty and deception currently surrounding the illegal selling and advertising of dogs and puppies.

The charity urged the public to support Dogs Trust petition to stop the illegal sale of dogs and help stamp out puppy farming in Ireland.

New laws around the sale, supply and advertising of pets were introduced in February 2020, but many sellers continue to deliberately flout them. Sadly, the

horrible breeding conditions and treatment of bitches and their litters is ongoing.

Corina told Dublin Gazette: “The new rules make it a legal requirement for puppies to be at least eight weeks old before being sold. A microchip number for each dog must be displayed on the ad, as well as the Dog Breeding Establishment registration number, if applicable.

“A seller/supplier number for anybody selling more than five pets in a calendar year is required but sadly many online ads are not compliant.”

Dogs Trust research revealed 72% of people are unaware of these regulations and 68% were unable to spot an illegal ad, leaving them open to a scam when being ‘sold a pup.’

Dublin family stung

This recently happened an unsuspecting Dublin family.

“Bailey was advertised for sale online as a ‘Cockapoo’ for €1,150. Restrictions meant the family were unable to travel to collect him so a lorry driver friend collected and delivered Bailey.

“Upon arrival, it was clear Bailey was a completely different dog to the one advertised and the seller, who provided no paperwork, suddenly became uncontactable,” revealed Corina.

A trip to the vet established Bailey was a Springer Spaniel and covered in lice, an indication of the poor conditions he originated from.

Corina continued: “Shockingly, it is currently legal in Ireland to keep hundreds of breeding dogs in registered Dog Breeding Establishments, with guidelines recommending only one staff member required per 25 breeding female dogs, not to mention their puppies.”

The public are often duped into thinking they are purchasing pups raised in a family home, a far cry from the conditions of some puppy farms. Dogs Trust urge the public to sign their petition at DogsTrust.ie/SoldAPup and end the misery for breeding bitches now, who are expected to churn out litter after litter, in appalling conditions.

The animal charity further called on the government to enforce the existing laws as a matter of urgency and to penalise those who do not comply. See Dogs Trust on Facebook, Instagram or follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SoldAPup

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