A dead rat was thrown into the DCC office on Parnell Street during a protest

A DEAD rat was thrown into the offices of Dublin City Council during a protest last week.
Residents from the Dorset St Flats were protesting a rodent infestation in the flats when the incident occurred at council offices on Parnell Street.
A spokesperson from DCC confirmed that a dead rat was thrown into their offices in protest but told The Gazette that “this is not the way we would like to engage”.
“It is always preferable for tenants to contact staff directly in order to have face-to-face discussions and actions agreed on any issues that arise,” the spokesperson added.

As for the live rats, the council said that they received a number of individual complaints about rat infestations prior to the incident and a further 14 complaints after the incident.
Amanda Dunne from Dorset Street told 98FM that the flats have become infested with the vermin “because of all the building works being done at Grangegorman, and on the Luas”.
“The girl down the balcony has been complaining for weeks, another girl below me has been complaining for years, and nothing has been done,” she said.
Amanda said that she caught a rat “like a jack russel” in her kitchen last week.
“A rat was caught in a trap, but only half caught. It was bouncing around me kitchen press. We had to get it out with a shovel, it was like a jack russel. Under me kitchen press was like a murder scene.”
The council said that these units were inspected last week and baited and will form part of the ongoing monitoring involved in an eradication cycle of vermin which is usually in the region of two weeks.
“The main drains and sewers in the complex were baited again on Friday and will be monitored. Further works to prevent vermin entering the individual units in the future will be completed as soon as the City Council is confident that any infestation has been eradicated,” they said.