60 buildings in Dublin to turn red for National Fire Safety Week

by Rachel Darcy

Dublin Fire Brigade have announced that as part of National Fire Safety Week this year, a number of landmark buildings throughout Dublin have agreed to ‘turn red’.

Dublin Fire Brigade’s traditional face-to-face interactions with the public and its long established fire safety awareness campaign options have been curtailed due to Covid-19.

This year, DFB are looking at new and innovative ways of raising fire safety awareness throughout our communities.  So far, more than 60 buildings have agreed to ‘turn red’ for the week including The Mansion House, Christchurch Cathedral, the Aviva Stadium, and Heuston Station.

“I would like to thank the operators of all these buildings for their support in helping to raise awareness of fire safety,” said Dennis Keeley Chief Fire Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade.

“We have had to be a bit more creative this year with our campaign and I am delighted that so many landmark buildings are taking part by turning red to highlight the fire safety awareness message and provide a visual reminder and cue for Fire Safety Week.”

National Fire Safety Week runs from October 5 to October 12, and is about enhancing fire safety, particularly in the home. This year’s theme is “Smoke Alarms Save Lives”.

The campaign not only encourages people to have smoke alarms and test them, but also calls on the wider community to look out for each other, especially those most vulnerable and at risk.

Dublin Fire Brigade encourages the public to embrace this year’s theme “Smoke Alarms Save Lives”. If there is a fire in your home, smoke spreads fast and smoke alarms can alert you and give you enough time to get out.  And don’t forget, closing all doors at night stops smoke and fire spreading through the home. 

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