Dedicated residents go the extra mile for Drimnagh

by Emma Nolan

A GROUP of Drimnagh residents have taken the battle against litter and illegal dumping into their own hands.

Formed in 2017, Tidy Drimnagh is a residents’ initiative aimed at promoting a cleaner, friendlier environment for the people of this historic part of Dublin to live, work, play in and visit.

Eoin Neylon formed the group after seeing the success of Tidy Towns in his home town of Ennis, and since moving to Drimnagh, where his partner is from, the group has grown considerably.

Eoin told The Gazette: “There has been a fantastic uptake from people locally.

“We’ve received fantastic support from some local business too who have been great in getting on board to help us achieve our goals of promoting Drimnagh as a terrific place to live, work and visit as well.”

Working with Dublin City Council officials from the south central office, and with Drimnagh Residents Association, the group have had a lot of success with their early goals, securing new littering and dog fouling signage as well as hosting public meetings and community clean-ups.

“A lot of residents noticed that there weren’t the same facilities in the area as there would be in other parts of Dublin, for whatever reasons, particularly for the provision of bins. There wasn’t a single dog litter bin in all of Drimnagh, despite the fact that dog fouling is a massive issue in the area.

“That’s one of our main concerns. We secured signage provided by the council to do with dog fouling but we’re hoping to get bins in place.”

Eoin thanked the council for its help in providing the group with materials for clean-ups, which have seen great levels of turnout. Some 45 people showed up for the very first clean-up, and more than 20 showed up for another, even though it was raining heavily that night.

As for the future of the group, Eoin said it will be interesting to see how it develops.

“Luckily, the residents’ association, along with other community groups and some sports clubs, have been fantastic with rowing in with a bit of support and getting the word out.

“It’s been great to see the community spirit that’s on show in Drimnagh for us so far. We’re hoping to build on that, now.”

Eoin and the rest of the Tidy Drimnagh group will be meeting this Saturday, November 4 at Benbulbin Road for their post-Halloween clean-up.

Visit the group’s Facebook page, Tidy Drimnagh, to keep up to date with its progress.

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