Next phase of consultation launched for Dundrum Central

by Rachel Darcy

A planning application for the Dundrum Central development is set to be lodged in mid-2021, according to new reports.

The next phase of the consultation for the housing project, which will be located on the site of the Dundrum Central Mental Hospital, has been launched.

The Land Development Agency (LDA), set up by the Government to optimise use of State land for new housing, made the announcement last Friday. 

The next phase of consultation and engagement, the ‘Concept Stage’, will run until February 28. 

This phase is based on early-stage proposals, and will feature a series of Covid-19 appropriate initiatives, where early ideas, plans, sketches and concepts will be presented and explored, showing how the proposals are shaping up and the potential of the development.

Dundrum Central Mental Hospital. Picture: Google Maps

This phase of the consultation will incorporate early-stage designs that have emerged from the first phase of engagement.

The 11.3-hectare development is to be located on the site of the mental hospital, which is moving location imminently.  A planning application for the project is expected to be submitted in mid-2021 with construction due to begin in 2022, subject to planning approval.

A Virtual Project Consultation Room has just been launched on the project website,

Early-stage concept proposals for Dundrum Central show an aim to develop a sustainable and distinctive community on the landmark site, including sensitive adaptive re-use of heritage structures on the land.

Community is a focal point of the design, to be achieved through the design of the neighbourhood, the range of community and recreational facilities and sensitive re-imagining of key heritage assets on the site. 

Community spaces are proposed for the project, including multifunctional open space and public realm, with well-designed walking and cycling routes. Access to and integration with the community in the Dundrum and Windy Arbour is also a key feature.

In addition to the Virtual Consultation Room, there will be two Project Webinars on January 27 and February 2.  Entry to the Consultation room and registration to attend the webinars is via  You can also register for the webinars by emailing

Barry Chambers, Project Lead with the Land Development Agency said: “We are delighted to be moving forward with the next phase of the Dundrum Central project.  While the project design process is still at an early stage, this is an important milestone.  

“We have incorporated the feedback from our engagement and consultations that have been ongoing since September last year and are now beginning to see an exciting concept of possibilities for the site take shape. 

“We believe that this step forward will allow local stakeholders to get a better view of the potential of this site and how it can both create a new community and enhance the existing area.

“We have had great interest and support to date from the local community and other stakeholders.  We are committed to thorough and meaningful consultation.  The engagement from local stakeholders has been excellent, particularly in the circumstances of Covid-19. 

“We look forward to further conversations in the coming weeks.”

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