Council orders review of Ashton Dog Pound amid Garda probe

by Gazette Reporter

Dublin City Council has ordered a review of operations at Ashton Dog Pound as a garda investigation into the Dublin 15 facility continues.

Last month gardai searched the pound and seized an Akita dog as well as four other dead dogs from a freezer for autopsy. Computers and documents were also taken.

Officers are investigating claims in relation to the improper use of veterinary drugs used to euthanise animals as well as other allegations of cruelty.

Dublin Gazette has learned that a whistleblower has reported the case of a dog which had been badly scalded but was allegedly denied pain relief for several days.

It’s believed a kettle of water was thrown over the dog which was brought to the pound suffering from burns, whimpering and in pain.

However claims have been made that pain relief was denied and staff were allegedly told it would be a waste of money because the dog was due to be put down days later.

In a statement to Dublin Gazette Dublin City Council said: “Dublin City Council are carrying out a review of the operations of the Ashton Pound and will not be commenting further at this time.”

The same statement was issued by Fingal County Council.

Dublin West Independent Cllr Tania Doyle said legislation governing dog pounds was needed as a matter of urgency and she had written to the relevant ministers.

She added: “For some time now I am on the public record in calling for a root and branch review of this facility. 

“The infrastructure under which the dogs are held, who are under the control of the pound on behalf of the local authorities, are in my opinion Dickensian.

“I have directly witnessed them for myself during an unannounced visit. In front of me on a very bleak afternoon, I saw numerous dogs on cold wet concrete floors with no drainage.

“Heat lamps supposedly in place to keep the animals warm not operating, no appropriate bedding in place.”

Last year Cllr Doyle and others called for Fingal County Council to cease its contract with Ashton Pound and build its own facility. They were told this would cost e4m.

At the weekend 32 stolen dogs seized in Cloghran, Swords, believed to be worth over e120,000, were taken to Ashton pound – with a number of public representatives questioning the move.

On Monday the pound said it was in the process of scanning the dogs for microchip information, before making attempts to reunite them with their owners.

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