Heartless thieves snatch blind woman’s dog in Crumlin

by Gazette Reporter

By Rose Barrett

A devastated Crumlin couple are appealing for the return of their beloved pet Daisy who was snatched from their garden as they played with her.

The heartless thief leaned over the gate and took the four-year-old Chihuahua as Ellen and John Maughan, who both have special needs, begged him to stop.

Ellen, who is partially sighted, told Dublin Gazette: “We have Daisy since she was nine or ten weeks old, she is our baby. 

“She used to lie on the bed at night, we know all her little ways and the foods she likes. She used to sit with her paws around my neck and hug me.

“I can’t believe he just took her. We saw him tuck her under his arm and run off. He got into a van and drove off. 

“A neighbour who saw him jumped into her car and follow him but she lost him at the bingo hall.”

John and Ellen Maughan

Ellen and John, who live on Kildare Road, are desperate for the return of their pet pooch. Daisy is vaccinated and licenced, but she is not neutered. Locals fear she has been taken to breed.

Neighbour Claire Russell, who works with the Irish Wheelchair Association and has five dogs of her own, said the whole street feels for the couple.

“The dog has special meaning and connection for Ellen, it belonged to her brother who died,” said Claire. 

“Another lady saw the man taking the dog and she said he blatantly checked the dog to see if it was female.”

Gardai have warned owners to be vigilant following a spate of dog thefts and officers believe roaming gangs are stealing breeds to order.

Claire said: “I’m keeping in touch with Crumlin Garda Station to see if there are any further updates. 

It’s been posted on social media – we’re all doing our best to help them find little Daisy.”

If anyone finds Daisy or knows of her whereabouts, contact Crumlin Garda Station at 01 666 6200 or Claire directly at 087 935 1234. 

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