Dun Laoghaire nursing home celebrates being fully vaccinated

by Rachel Darcy

Last week, the residents and staff of Ashford House Nursing Home, Dun Laoghaire received the second dose of their COVID-19 vaccine.

They received their first dose on January 11 and 12 and the second dose on February 1 and 2.

This makes Ashford House a fully vaccinated nursing home, with residents of the home sharing their delight in now being fully vaccinated.

A representative from Ashford House said: “There was an electric atmosphere in the house and everyone was delighted to receive the much anticipated vaccine.

“Thankfully, Ashford House has not had any cases of COVID-19 and this vaccine brings a huge sense of relief to all of us.

“Our resident George Morrison, director of the famous film Mise Eire, recently spoke on RTE News at One about the vaccine and his delight and joy to have received it so early.”

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