Jail for man who threatened to ‘kick baby out of’ ex

by Gazette Reporter

By Sonya McLean and Brion Hoban

A man who harassed his former partner by calling her up to 100 times a day and threatening to throw acid in her face and “kick your baby out of you” has been jailed for five-and-a-half years.

Karl Fields (26) had been in a relationship with the woman and had a young child with her but he took issue with her new relationship.

The woman was in her local garda station making a complaint about the threatening calls when Fields phoned her. The investigating garda told the woman to answer the call and put Fields on speaker allowing the officer to hear him shouting that he would “put five petrol bombs through your Mam’s gaff now”.

During other calls Fields called the woman “a mad rat” and threatened to butcher her. He said he hoped she, her mother and her partner died and he hoped “all your kids are handicapped”.

The woman was pregnant at the time and Fields at one point said he “would boot the baby out of you” and threatened to cut her throat multiple times and throw acid in her face.

The woman eventually took a protection order out against Fields and he was arrested and charged in April 2020.

Fields of Collins Place, Finglas West, Dublin 11 pleaded guilty to harassment, threat to kill and contravention of a protection order on April 9, 2020. He has 184 previous convictions.

Judge Melanie Greally suspended the final two-and-a-half years of an operative eight year prison term.

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