Fingal Council takes legal action over €5m in outstanding levies

by Sylvia Pownall

Unpaid development levies totalling €5.25 million are being pursued through the courts by Fingal County Council.

The local authority confirmed that there are 181 accounts relating to more than €5 million in due payments where legal proceedings have been initiated.

The council clarified its position after reports that its planning department was owed a staggering €62,636,222 in outstanding levies unpaid by developers.

Cllr Paul Mulville (SD) is now calling for the names of developers who are in levies arrears to be published in the interest of transparency.

He told Dublin Gazette: “I took this matter up with council management, given the very high figure involved, and have now received some clarification.

“I have been informed that the headline figure of €62,636,222 for development levies owed to the council does not reflect the amount of levies actually in arrears.

“This is because the council invoices for 100% of the levies due on commencement of a project, and in general, a phasing of payments is agreed with the applicant.”

Development levies are imposed as a condition of planning permission for the cost of providing services and infrastructure and are usually required to be paid before construction begins or on a phased basis during building works.

Cllr Mulville said: “The Planning Department went on to state that there are 181 accounts, representing arrears of approximately €5.25 million, where legal proceedings have been initiated.

“I remain very concerned about the amount of money owed to the council. The residents and traders of Fingal who pay their Local Property Tax and commercial rates deserve to be told the full facts on this.

“I am repeating my call for council management to make public the names of the developers who owe this money and the amount each developer owes.

“Also [I want to see clarified] the number of years each amount is outstanding, and the steps in each case the council has taken to collect these unpaid development levies, with interest.

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